Sleeve filters
We produce all types of sleeve and bag filters for various dust suction system (pulse-jet, reverse air or shaker systems). Through the selection of high-quality technological fabric and needle felt with different surface finishes and special treatments, our filter bags enjoy long service lives with optimum filtration performance, low pressure drop and the best regeneration characteristics.

The most common applications of our sleeve filters are: wood processing and furniture industry, cement industry, chemical industry, fertilizers, glass, textile industry, food and forage processing, asphalt mixing plants, loose material packing, metal processing.

Textile ducts
Air conductive textile ducts are mostly used in industrial premises for the distribution of returned airflow and additional filtration. We manufacture textile ducts according to customer sizes and needs.

We also offer air proof textile connections of different dimensions.

Examples of our manufacturing technologies/designs include:

  • 3-stitch sewn or thermal-welded longitudinal seam
  • Seam sealing
  • Sewn on or thermal-welded stiffening rings
  • Snap ring with double-beaded gasket or felt seal suitable for all diameters and thicknesses of tube sheets
  • Cuff with sewn in iron ring (copper-plated), various stainless steels (1.4301, 1.4401, 1.4501) or aluminium
  • Cuff with sewn in cords or silicone rings
  • Bottom reinforcements as wear protection in various designs
  • Miscellaneous hanging assemblies for filter bags and much more.